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Over six years of providing therapy, I applied all the modern tools of psychology, and put the focus of treatment on symptom reduction and eliminating negativity from people’s lives. I would often work with people on learning new coping skills to use when experiencing the likes of panic attacks, depression, or suicidal thoughts. I would teach my clients assertive communication skills to reduce conflict with family members, and I would provide couples with tools to connect and share intimacy. However, with time it became evident that my clients were moving from one crisis to the next. I wanted to provide them with more. I wanted to enhance their ability to enjoy life more fully, with long-lasting stability. That change finally manifest when I began to integrate mindfulness techniques into my work. As a mindfulness practitioner, I developed a therapeutic style that incorporates elements of mindfulness practice, particularly as a way to develop emotional awareness and improve relationships. As a result, clients showed greater resilience in the face of new challenges.

Brain research now tells us that practicing mindfulness techniques can actually change the neurology your brain for good. Such change can be applied to many challenging conditions: depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and more. A therapist can target the behavioral symptoms associated with, or they can teach practices that will change the client’s neural pathways, increasing their ability to concentrate, be more productive, be less impulsive, and simply enjoy life better. Once you have change your neurological network, it no longer requires so much effort to “cope”. You no longer have to drag yourself out of the bed in the morning, motivate yourself at work, be nicer to people, love yourself better, your brain will take care of it by itself and you can sit back and enjoy.

I have been struck by the effect of these practices both in my own life and the lives of so many of my clients. I look forward to employing them to support your own optimal life.


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