Psychological Evaluation and Neurological Testing

Dr. Kugel is trained and experienced in conducting both psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. Psychological evaluations are most often conducted for the following reasons:

  • Providing a psychiatric diagnosis
  • Determine psychiatric disability
  • Treatment planning and recommendations
  • Shed light on personality and emotional functioning
  • Assess an individual’s ability to perform a specific job (i.e. work candidate)
  • Assess a person’s readiness for medical procedures

Neuropsychological evaluations are often more robust and composed of testing batteries which can provide comprehensive assessment of multiple areas of functioning such as: cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. These evaluations often assess the following domains:

  • Intellectual and academic functioning
  • Executive functioning which can include: attention, memory, problem-solving, planning, decision-making, judgment skills, and more.
  • Specific memory problems and suspicion of dementia
  • Expressive, receptive, and written language abilities
  • Visuospatial abilities
  • The impact of traumatic brain injury over thinking, personality, and behavior
  • Differentiating between psychiatric, medical, or other conditions

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