General Mental Health Resources in San Diego:

Access and Crisis Line - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 888-724-7240
Peer2Peer - Text and Chat Support and Referral Services: Text: 619-377-7111
National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI San Diego - 619-543-1434

Helpful Information About Therapy: - has extremely helpful information about choosing a therapist and ethical therapy
Video: "Play Therapy Works" - An overview of play therapy and the importance of play for children
Article: "5 Common Fears That Keep People Out of Therapy" (Megan Hale) - Helpful article to help you think about your fears about therapy before coming in. Sharing those fears with your therapist can be very helpful in developing a collaborative relationship!
Article: "Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Therapy" (Sarah Noel, MS, LMHC) - Helpful information to guide you towards making therapy work best for you.

Addiction and Recovery:

Alcoholics Anonymous (San Diego) : 619-265-8762
Narcotics Anonymous (San Diego) - Call: 619-584-1007
Practical Recovery - Non-12 Step Drug and Alcohol Rehab in San Diego - Call: 858-412-0304
AToN Center - an integrative program of recovery in a beautiful setting - Call: 888-535-1516
True Life Center for Wellbeing - Outpatient treatment, rehab, and wellness center - Call: 858-202-1822
SMART Recovery San Diego - Self-empowering addiction recovery support group


Anxiety and Depression Association of America - An excellent compilation of resources and information about anxiety
Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress - ADAA
Tips for Parents of Kids with Anxiety - ADAA
WorryWiseKids - a Fantastic resource for parents of kids with anxiety


: PsychCentral's Depression Resources List - Fantastic information about symptoms, treatment, and ways to get help
Article: "Children and Depression"  - An overview for anyone concerned about a child - Providing resources and support for those struggling with depression
Conor Cusack "Depression is my Friend, Not my Enemy" - An insightful and courageous blog discussing his experience with depression and his ability to find meaning in that experience.
Video: "What is Depression? Let this Animation with A Dog Shed Light on it" ( - very helpful video in understanding what it is like to experience depression and it also has helpful tips on ways to cope with depression.
Listing of Excellent Videos About Depression from Healthline - Check Them Out!
Video: "Suicide, Depression, and Anxiety. My Story. - Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan" (YouTube) - Beautiful and brave story about a young woman's struggle with depression, suicide, and anxiety despite being crowned Miss America.
Video: "A Mother Doesn't Understand Why Her Daughter's Depressed. Her Daughter Clears That Up For Her" (Sabrina Benaim) - Excellent description of what it is like to experience depression.
Video: "Kevin Breel, 19-year-old, Explains What it Feels Like To Be Depressed in Beautiful TEDxYouth Speech" - Amazing video discussing his experience with depression and the shame/stigma that prevents people from getting help.
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of San Diego 

Autism/Developmental Disorders

The San Diego Regional Center - The San Diego Regional Center provides a variety of services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families that are based on individual needs and supports their independence. - An organization dedicated to educating parents and professionals about early warning signs of autism and developmental disorders - Resources and information about early childhood development
The Autism Discovery Institute at Rady Children's Hospital has developed a fantastic Resource Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorders which you can find here
Children's Care Connection Through Rady Children's Hospital - C3 offers specialized behavioral classes, one-on-one behavioral consultations, developmental classes, and parent consultations in the areas of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech/language therapy.
Autism Society San Diego County - They also have an amazing list of resources on their website
Autism Speaks - San Diego  There is also a great resource guide put out by Autism Speaks that you can find here
Valeries List - The Largest Online Autism Network of Resources and Support for Southern California

Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Hotline: 888-385-4657 (888-DV-LINKS)
Center for Community Solutions - Counseling, Legal, Advocacy, and Shelter services
San Diego Domestic Violence Council - they have an excellent listing of resources
Child Abuse Hotline - Call: 1-800-344-6000 or 858-560-2191


Children and Adults with ADHD - CHADD - Nationally recognized authority on ADHD
ADDiTude Magazine - an excellent resources for all types of discussions related to ADHD/ADD. They have tons of information on their website and offer podcasts and newsletters.
National Institute of Mental Health - an overview of ADHD/ADD symptoms, causes, treatments, etc.
PsychCentral’s list of resources for adults with ADHD/ADD. 
Coping Tips for ADHD (Adults) 
Parenting Tips for Parents of Kids with ADHD/ADD

Anger Management

Controlling Anger Before It Controls You - An overview of anger management and strategies of support from the American Psychological Association
Article:  "From Sad to Mad: How Suppressing Your Sadness Invites Anger"
Article: "Control Your Anger or It Will Control You" (Kelly O'Brien) - 5 helpful tips in managing anger
Article: "Mindful Breathing for Anger Management" (Michael Schreiner) Discusses using mindful breathing and a different mindset to help disarm, understand, and release anger rather than venting it.

Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

National Eating Disorders Association - Call: 800-931-2237 to reach their Helpline
Eating Disorder Center of San Diego - Outpatient treatment and free support programs
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center - Listing on treatment in San Diego
Overview of Eating Disorders from PsychCentral
Article: "Binge Eating Disorder and Body Image" (WebMD) - Overview of binge eating disorder and body image as well as helpful tips and recommendations
Article: "The Weekly Spark, Consider your Consumption" (Rosie Molinary) - Discussion of media consumption and how it relates to body image. I fundamentally believe that our media consumption directly impacts our negative views of ourselves and the media fast recommended in this article is an excellent start for building your awareness of this phenomenon.
The Center for Mindful Eating - Professional resources and online listing of providers


On compassion and self-growth – by Chade Meng from Search Inside Yourself.
Hardwiring Happiness: by Dr. Rick Hanson
Achieving your goals: by Matt Cutts
Happiness for parents: by Jennifer Senior


San Diego LGBT Community Center 
PFLAG San Diego County - Parents and families and friends of LGBT individuals
North County LGBTQ Resource Center 
Up2Us Listing of Resources 
It Gets Better Project 
Human Rights Campaign - Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Equal Rights 
Article: "Parents Who Reject Gay Teens Hurt Teens' Health" (John M. Grohol, PsyD) - An overview of research showing connection between rejection and adult health.
Article: "Victimization of LGBT Youth Can Be Deadly" (Rick Nauert, PhD) - A review of a study documenting harm based on victimization in schools for LGBT Youth.
Video: "The Whittington Family: Ryland's Story" - An inspiring video about a young transgender child and his supportive parents. Very powerful and inspiring story of a family and unconditional love.
Video: "A Message to Gay Teens: It Gets Better" (Fort Worth City Council) - Joel Burns gives an amazing "it gets better" talk during a city council meeting and shared very emotionally about his own difficulties with being bullied due to being gay. Very powerful!

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