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The San Diego Center for Mindful Therapy!

Our center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of mental health conditions, relying on years of clinical experience with clients from all walks of life. We emphasize clients’ holistic health and focus on both treating ailments as well as facilitating personal development using mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices. Thus, together with you, we not only relieve your symptoms but treat the root of the problem and help you foster lasting happiness and peace in your life.

Other providers often focus on elimination of symptoms using short-term behavioral or psychological treatments. While that can be effective, many clients see a resurgence of symptoms, as the source of their problems remains untreated. At SDCMT, we rely on evidence-based treatment that both targets the symptoms with conventional psychotherapy and uses mindfulness-based techniques that enable clients release the core issues they harbor.



We see many couples in the center. Being in an intimate relationship can be difficult at times. Especially while raising children, working through life transitions...

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We live in a complex world and so are the situations that we encounter in our center. In some of the cases the only thing needed is assistance in finding a ...

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Children & Adolescents

We work with children age 4 and up to adolescents and young adults. We all can remember how hard it was being a child, a teen, and growing up. Your child might be...

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"My son’s ADHD made his life miserable at school and at home, unable to focus, getting negative feedback from teachers, and having a hard time making friends. Dr. Uri taught him how to work with his mind and showed him that he has power over his life. My son now can work with his thoughts and emotions and is successful at school and socially. We’re all so grateful to Dr. Uri."

Debbie, A.
Mother of three.

"Dr. Uri saved our marriage after 16 years of struggle and conflict. He helped us see that our relationship was precious in its core and to find passion again in our hearts for one another. Today, we can communicate in a healthy manner and so glad that we share our lives together. Thank you! "

Marina and Ed, K.
Parents to four children, married for 16 years.

"After I lost my son, I was broken and didn’t want to continue living. Dr. Uri helped me reach the world again and find life to be beautiful and sweet despite carrying this pain with me. I am happy to be alive and to have survive the experiences of my life. Thank you Dr. Uri for your dedication. "

Simon G.
Single father of two, a business owner

"Dr. Uri helped me see that my daughter’s defiance at home and problems at school were a result of her anxiety and fears. He helped her find healthy ways to work with her anxiety and taught me how to parent her better and be true to my own fears and vulnerabilities. Our time with him is so precious to us both. Thank you so much! "

Brenda, S.
Single Mother of One

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